4v4 Season Information

Open for joining teams

Open for creating teams

Max Players Per Team: 8


4v4 Rules

1.0 Introduction

The FFPL 4v4 division was created to offer an active and competetive league for the enjoyment of the FF community in a format not offered by other leagues. The following rules are to be adhered to by all league participants.

2.0 Match Scheduling, Reporting, and Forfeits

2.1 Match Day, Duration, & Clan Contacts

Match schedules are posted each SUNDAY night. Matches are to be completed by 11:30pm EST on the following Sunday. Both teams are encouraged to communicate and play at an earlier date and or time.

Matches are two (2) 15 minute rounds. Teams switch between offense and defense each round. Matches are to start within fifteen (15) minutes of the agreed upon starting time. Team leaders are required to contact their opponents within a reasonable time after the schedules are posted to determine and auspicious match time and exchange server information. If neither team has a server, contact an admin for them to control it for you.

During playoffs dates and times will be given to you. There will be a 15 minute grace time before forfeits occur. This is to keep the tournament running smoothly.

2.2 Match Rescheduling

Teams may reschedule a match to an earlier date and or time. Team leaders wishing to reschedule must contact the opposing teams leader at least a day in advance. Teams having trouble reschedule a match need to contact an official for assistance.

2.3 Match Reporting

At the completion of the match both team leaders must submit the final scores on the website. The winning team must also provide screenshots for both rounds.

2.4 Reporting False Match Scores

Intentionally reporting false or erroneous scores may result in having the match overturned (regardless if the match was played or not). If you know you have reported a match score incorrectly contact an official.

2.5 Forfeits

Teams that cannot field the required minimum number of members within fifteen (15) minutes of the schedule match time will receive a forfeit loss. Three forfeit losses by a single team will result in the team being suspended from the remainder of the tournament.

3.0 Team Related Rules

3.1 Rosters

All player's steam id's need to be on the teams roster for which they are playing. Playing unrostered players without the express permission of the opposing teams leader(s) will be subjected to dispute and possibly penalty. Rosters are not to be changed on the agreed upon match day. Rosters may have a maximum of SIX (6) players on them at any time. Roster additions are limited to one after the seeded tournament has started.

3.2 Player Names

Vulgar player names must be changed at the request of any member participating in a match. If a member is found to be using a handle that is deemed offensive after being asked to have it changed by an official, that member will be issued a warning. A second violation will result in that player being suspended from match play for ONE (1) week.

3.3 Leader Requirements

Team leaders are in control of all aspects of the team, and have an obligation to not only himself but to the other members on the team to perform and lead. Team leaders have the right to add or remove members on his team at any time during the roster unlock period.

3.4 Mutiny Rule

Team leaders may be removed from their position if the majority of the active roster agrees. Players who feel that their leader(s) is unfairly removing their team from the league may choose to dispute this action and control of the team may be transferred to another team member. League officials need to be contacted via IRC pertaining to any such instances.

4.0 Game Play Environment Requirements

4.1 Server Requirements

Match servers MUST be 66 tic rate. Servers with poor performance may be deemed unsuitable for match hosting at an official's discretion. Team may contact a league official if they feel the server on which they are playing is not capable of reliable performance.

4.2 League CFG Requirement

The current FFPL_4v4.cfg configuration file is required to be executed for match play.

4.3 Server and Map Choice Guidelines

The "HOME" team is the team listed on the LEFT side of the schedule. The "HOME" team has the right to determine what server they wish to play on first.

Maps during the season are pre picked. These maps may be changed if both teams agree. During the seeded tournament 3 maps are given. The lower seeded team vetos a first map, higher seed vetos the next and the last map is played. Semi finals and finals are a best of three format so 5 maps will be given. Veto order will go: low seed-high seed- low seed- high seed.

4.4 Server Crashes

If a server crashes during any "LIVE" event match, all rounds fully completed will count towards the final score. Any uncompleted matches crashing with less than 3 minutes remaining will be replayed with the remaining time as the mp_timelimit. This rule will continue to stand inthe even of a second crash. If a server rashes a second time during a round, the other teams server should be used for the remainder of the round

4.5 Spectators

NO spectators are allowed in a match server while a match is underway with the exception of league officials. Any person interested in watching matches should do so via SourceTV or the supplied stream.

5.0 Game Play Guidelines

5.1 Class/Role Restrictions

Defense: 1 Engineer, 1 Demoman, 1 HeavyWeapons. Offense: No more than 2 heavy offense (Engineer, Spy, Soldier, Demoman). Absolutely no Sniper or Pyros.

5.2 Yard Defense Guidelines

Yard defense is prohibited unless the flag is visible to the yard. Maps that have a line of sight barrier in the middle can have a defender at the front door. (Ex, Well and Schtop)

5.3 Minimum Player Requirement

All matches are to be played with a minimum of three (3) players per team, each round. No team will be allowed to play with less than the required minimum number unless the match has already started and a player has dropped. If a team cannot meet the minimum player requirement after the first round, the match will be counted as a forfeit loss.

5.4 Overtime

In the event of a tied score after both rounds are completed, sudden-death overtime rounds will be played. Each round will be played until the offense captures a flag (or dets an objective, such as on ff_bases). Once the offense scores, the time will be noted (by screenshots or by server logs) and the teams will switch. The team with the fastest time of the first points scored will be the winner. Each round will have a time limit of 15 minutes. If no points are scored in either round, the match will go into double-overtime where the same rules apply. The offensive team of each round will have the right to choose which server that round is played on.

5.5 MM1

MM1 (public chat) during the game is reserved for team leaders. Abuse of MM1 during a match is grounds for a dispute. Unsportsmanlike dialog constitutes abuse of MM1.

5.6 Halftime Guidelines

After the first round, if both teams agree they may take a ten (10) minute break.

5.7 Match Restart Guidelines

Once a match is deemed LIVE, teams are not allowed to restart the round.

5.8 Player Substitutions

Player substitutions are allowed at anytime during the match. A player is only allowed to join the dedicated server AFTER the player whom he/she is substituting for has left the server. Failure to do so and allowing a reasonable advantage may result in a loss of rounds. If gameplay has already started substitutes may only be from the team's roster.

6.0 Rule Violations and Disputes

6.1 Disputes

Disputes are taken seriously to ensure a fair match environment. Only the Team leaders have the right to dispute a member(s) or team they feel is in violation of the rules. All disputes must be filed within twenty-four (24) hours of the completion of the match. A match must be reported regardless of whether a dispute is being filled. If the dispute is filed after the twenty-four (24) hour period, the dispute will be disregarded. Disputes will be handled before the following weeks schedule is released if possible.

6.2 Game Exploits

It is illegal to intentionally utilize any game or map exploits. Officials may penalize offending players or teams at their discretion and to a degree deemed appropriate.

6.3 Cheating

Any players caught cheating in a match will be suspended from the tournament along with their team, and for a minimum of one year from participating in a future league (for the player only). Cheats include aimbot, wall hacks speed hacks, ESP hacks, or any third party program which modifies game behavior. Officials have the final word on what is deemed a cheat or hack.

6.4 Penalties

Penalties for violating rules are determined on a case by case basis and range from warnings to suspensions to league wide bans. Multiple or recurring rule violations may result in forfeits, suspension or a permanent ban.

7.0 Maps

7.1 Map Pool

Phantom -- Ibex -- Tidalwave
Destroy -- Catharsis -- Evenflow
Propinquity -- Fiddle -- Bases
Monkey -- Ameliorate -- Roasted
Schtop -- Reloaded -- Raiden
Mortality -- Nyx -- Resolve
Chimkeyz -- Siden -- Profilique
Baked -- Schrape -- Siege
Stowaway -- Alchimy -- Shutdown2