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Week 8 : ff_roasted

2013-04-01 10:32:13 - posted by Joey "VinnytheBoss" Tolosi

BOSS Gaming vs Team Cake
ragequit vs Nine's Victims

Week 7. Map = siden

2013-03-25 10:49:33 - posted by Joey "VinnytheBoss" Tolosi

Double header with Nv vs cake.

Gl hf!

Team Cake vs Nine's Victims
teamname vs ragequit

Week 6! Map = schtop

2013-03-18 11:06:07 - posted by Joey "VinnytheBoss" Tolosi

Week 6 is underway, few matches still need to be played. Don't stress over it! Don't feel like just because you didn't play the match during the specific week that you can't just make it up. But just try and be reasonable!

Anyways, just how the scheduling worked out:

Nv and CAKE have not faced each other.
BOSS and teamname have not faced each other.

With rq and BBB facing each other 2 weeks in a row. If you want to just 'double up' your matches and condense them into one night good for both parties.
If you want to play 4 full rounds on each map, then please by all means. If you want to just condense then play 2 rounds on phantom and double scores, then play 2 rounds on schtop and double scores.


Team Cake vs Nine's Victims
BOSS Gaming vs teamname

Week 5 : Map: ff_phantom_r

2013-03-11 06:48:29 - posted by Joey "VinnytheBoss" Tolosi

Week 5 commences! Map is ff_phantom_r

We are down to 6 teams, but we are down to 6 solid, active teams! No byes, no nonsense.

Remember to catch Neon's Streaming @

Also check out previous matches shoutcasted by community members @

Team Cake vs BOSS Gaming
teamname vs Nine's Victims

Week 4! Map = Destroy

2013-03-04 06:39:44 - posted by Joey "VinnytheBoss" Tolosi

Week 4 begins with the preseason map we all come to know and love called ff_destroy.

So far I want to commend the majority of you teams for putting aside real life to schedule (and reschedule) matches to get some real competitiveness going on in this community. You are the solid foundation for this games success and I urge you to just 'give a little' in regards to scheduling and being conscious of other peoples obligations.

Moving on to "The Movers Upstream". This is week 4 and you guys still have NOT played one match. I think it is fair to say your heart is not in it like the remaining clans are. I will be giving you guys one final week to get your act together in regards to playing previous scheduled matches. In these next 2 weeks I would like for all of your matches to be played. If you cannot comply with these terms and conditions we will be forced to remove you from the league and you will be ineligible for any grand/runner up prize that will be administered at the end of the tourney.

Thank you and good luck!

BIG BOOTY BITCHES vs Jack of all trades
Nine's Victims vs BOSS Gaming
ragequit vs teamname
The Movers Upstream vs Team Cake

Map Schedule

2013-03-02 07:07:27 - posted by Joey "VinnytheBoss" Tolosi

Below is the map schedule for the season. To clear up any confusion :D

Maps: swoop_b1, stowaway_b2, propinquity_b4, destroy, phantom_r, schtop, siden, roasted, schrape, tidalwave

Week 3. Map = propinquity

2013-02-25 06:51:04 - posted by Joey "VinnytheBoss" Tolosi

ragequit vs BOSS Gaming
Jack of all trades vs Team Cake
BIG BOOTY BITCHES vs Nine's Victims
teamname vs The Movers Upstream

Week 3 schedule is out! If you have not played your previous week's matches. PLEASE, I beg you PLEASE to coordinate with your fellow clan leaders to schedule this match one way or another.

I scheduled The movers upstream to play vs Teamname again this week due to the fact that they have not played week 2's map and they can condense week 2 and week 3 together in one night hopefully. If you decide to not want to play 4 full rounds on each map you can play the 2 rounds on stowaway and 2 rounds on propinquity. However, if you decide to not play 4 full rounds on each map, please report scores in doubles. Example: Team 1 gets 100 and Team 2 gets 80 on stowaway. Report Stowaway as 200 and 160 to replicate the 4 rounds that were played. However, this is optional, if you would prefer to play 4 full rounds on each map then by all means.

Matches that are past due and still need to be played are as followed:

The movers vs Nv
The movers vs teamname

BBB vs teamcake
ragequit vs Nv

Please we are not looking to have ANY forfeits. It just a bad look all around. So please just play your matches.

Thank you

Week 2 map = Stowaway

2013-02-19 16:19:40 - posted by Joey "VinnytheBoss" Tolosi

Not sure if the site shows it easily. But week 2 map is ff_Stowaway_b2

Please learn it

Please play it

#ff.pickup @

Week 2!

2013-02-18 11:57:16 - posted by Joey "VinnytheBoss" Tolosi

Week 2 starts!!

Congrats to everyone who played their match last week. We still have one match (Nines victims vs movers upstream) that needs to be played. However, some issues arose and they will be rescheduling for this Sunday coming up. Looking forward to a double header.

Schedule is as followed:

BOSS Gaming vs Jack of all trades
ragequit vs Nine's Victims
teamname vs The Movers Upstream

Also please note:

If a league official (Myself and Neon) ask to spec the match. It is for league purposes only. Do not think by us asking to spec your match its due to 'ghosting' or to give another team a competitive edge. This is to ensure both teams are playing within the guidelines and it would only benefit each team by allowing us to 'witness' any such grievances. You are NOT to deny the league officials. They are allowed to spec as it is within the rules for them to do so.

Thank you

Week 1 begins!!!

2013-02-11 14:01:35 - posted by Joey "VinnytheBoss" Tolosi

We are going to start off the season with the newly designed map by Ian.Sir

The map is called ff_swoop_b1

If you have not played it my suggestion is to play a pickup or two on it by going to #ff.pickup

We have 9 active teams at the moment so everyone will be getting a 'bye' at some point.

I chose to give 'Jack of all Trades' a -bye- for this week regarding the match issues they had during preseason. I will be giving you guys time to get your schedules down with work/real-life so you can contribute to the league by participating in scheduled matches.

Reminder: 4 full rounds are to be played. Meaning your team plays offense and defense, break for 5 minutes, then offense and defense again. If you guys cannot make the second full round for the matches, then you have to just replicate the first round score. Example: Team x gets 60 - Team y gets 70. If no round 2 is played then FOR THE TIME BEING please just double the scores for 'round 1' as there is no 'round 2' block available when reporting scores. Obviously you can just play the second full round to avoid this alltogether. (Why would't you want to anyways? Unless you guys absolutely can't field it, league play for FF has been so scarce. So why not make the most of it?)

We are doing this for when Euro teams play vs USA teams there would have to be a total of 4 rounds to make it the most fair. Points for and points against would be severely altered when playing vs euro's if you are only going to report 4 full rounds when playing internationally.

Any other questions please refer to NeonLight or VinnytheBoss in #ff.pickup on quakenet.

Thanks you very muches >U

isaninja vs teamname
ragequit vs Team Cake
Nine's Victims vs The Movers Upstream

Clear up confusion.

2013-02-03 12:15:25 - posted by Joey "VinnytheBoss" Tolosi

Just to clear up confusion. Matches that are played will be a total of 4 rounds combined. Meaning You both play O twice and D twice.

Offense, then defense. Optional 5-10 min break, then offense, then defense again. Totaling in 4x15 min rounds.

Thanks and sorry for confusion.

Preseason Starts!

2013-02-01 16:09:29 - posted by Joey "VinnytheBoss" Tolosi

Preseason begins with 10 teams signed up!

Match has to be played by Sunday night at 11 pm est. We are encouraging everyone to reschedule to a time that is convenient for both parties.

Default map is destroy just because everyone is familiar with it. If you would to change map (for this week) this should not be a problem as long as both leaders agree to a different map.

Just a note, 2 full rounds will be played. Meaning ovd once, then ovd once again.

We are doing 1 week of preseason to get everyone accustomed to the routine of playing matches.

Schedule for preseason is as followed:




JACK OF ALL TRADES vs ragequit


Tommorow is deadline!

2013-01-29 19:23:18 - posted by Joey "VinnytheBoss" Tolosi

Tomorrow is the last night we would like for signups. However the schedule probably won't be out until the first week of Feb. So if teams sign up within that time frame of course we won't shun them away. But forewarning once schedule is out the season is started and no more signups will be allowed.

Thanks and good luck!

League Rules and Rosters Reminder

2013-01-12 09:59:35 - posted by Ian "NeoNL"

Hey everyone, if you haven't looked at the rules in a while they have been altered. There is tons of info that even the normal pickup players may not know regarding substitutions, roster limits and map lists.

The deadline for team creation ends January 30th. Please make sure your roster is set up correctly with your STEAM ID. If you need to find out what it is go into an ONLINE server, open up console (~ key) and type status. Look for your name and next to it your STEAM ID will look similar to this -> STEAM_x:x:xxxxxxxx. You can also use this online website to find your STEAM ID from your profile, instructions can be found on this page.

Thanks guys, happy fragging.


League Opening Feb. 1st!!!

2013-01-08 21:59:08 - posted by Joey "VinnytheBoss" Tolosi


We are opening league for February 1st. Please ensure you have rosters up to date by then. More information will be passed along in these next few days to micromanage what needs to be done. Please use these next few weeks to get the required minimum 4 players on your roster in time so we can have a successful league happen. Thanks to all for participating and lets hopefully have a good turn out.

15 teams have signed up. Many still need members so please get with players/clans and lets take some initiative here!